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This page describes how you can add your email account to the Thunderbird email client.

Account Setup

Account Setupgt

  1. In Thunderbird, go to “Edit” =⇒ “Account Settings…”
  2. A new window shows up. On the bottom of the left part of the window, there's a menu. From this menu saying “Account Actions”. From this menu, chose “Add Mail Account…”.
  3. Yet another new window should now appear. Fill in your information as required (see image below)
  4. Press the button labeled “Continue”
  5. Thunderbird will now try to find the information required for the account setup on its own. It's going to fail though.
  6. Once Thunderbird is done searching, it will offer you the possibility to enter all the information manually. Here's what you need to enter:
    • Incoming: IMAP
      • Server Hostname:
      • Port: 993
      • SSL: SSL/TLS
      • Authentication: NTLM
    • Outgoing: SMTP
      • Server Hostname:
      • Port: 587
      • Authentication: NTLM
    • Username: Your bfh username (same as email, but without
  7. Hit done. Your account will now be created and can now be used.

Fix Sent mail folder

Unfortunately, the setup as described above will put your sent mail into the wrong folder. Because of this, email sent out with Thunderbird will not show up in the webinterface's sent mail folder and vice versa. Luckily though, this can easily be fixed.

  1. In the Thunderbird window, right click your account and chose “Subscribe…” from the dropdown
  2. In the “Folder List”, tick the folder by the name “Sent Items”
  3. Klick “OK” to close the window
  4. In Thunderbird, go to “Edit” =⇒ “Account Settings…”
  5. Chose your bfh account in the list on the left hand side
  6. In there, chose the option “Copies & Folders”
  7. Under “When sending messages, automatically:” chose “Place a copy in:” and there chose “Other:”
  8. In the dropdown to the right of the “Other:” Option, chose the “Sent Items” folder listed in your @bfh email account
  9. Klick “OK” and return to the main Thunderbird window. The folder “Sent Items” should now have a stamp icon (instad of the normal folder icon).
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