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Scanning is now possible from almost all multi functional devices (aka “Kopierer/Drucker”). Unlock the MFD by putting your card on the reader and selecting your personal purse, if you want your scans to go directly into your home directory (~/incoming_documents/). Make sure you leave your card on the reader until you have scanned all your documents. Scanning is also possible without badge, in that case documents will be moved to \\boiler\data\public\incoming_documents. The same happens when there are errors and the users can't be identified or when you take away your card from the terminal before the scan job is finished. Keep this in mind when scanning confidential documents. In special cases, the IT-help desk may assist you with confidential documents to make sure no one else gets access to them.

If you have trouble with scanning, you're welcome to contact the help desk so we can improve the scanning setup.

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