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Printing on Mac OS X

These instructions apply to Mac OS X.


Prior to configuring the printer, please download and install the driver for the FollowMe printing system:

FollowMe Driver for Mac OS X


To configure the FollowMe printing system go to the “Print & Fax” tab in the “System Preferences” and click the plus sign below the (probably non-empty) list of printers:

Then right-click the toolbar, select “Customize Toolbar…”, …

…and drag the icon labeled “Advanced” to the toolbar:

Confirm your changes to the toolbar arrangement by clicking “Done”. Click “Advanced” and enter the information as follows:

“25C-1” in the list below “Select a driver to use…” refers to the printer (drivers) you installed before going through this fancy tutorial. Click “add” and select the “Installable Options” as shown in the next screenshot:

End this plethora of clicks by clicking “Continue”. If nothing went wrong, the printer “” appears in the list of printers:

To print from within Mac OS X you have to enter your BFH username (abbreviation) and the corresponding password in the printing dialog:

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