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Printing on Linux

For the new printing configuration see >

NB: At the TI Biel site Kerberized printing is configured on our PXE-based Linux setup.


Prior to configuring the printer, please download the PPD file for the FollowMe printing system:


These instructions apply to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (and most other distributions) using the GNOME desktop environment.

To configure the FollowMe printing system open the “Printing” window (“System” ⇒ “Administration” ⇒ “Printing”) and click the “Add” button:

Under Network Printer select Windows Printer via SAMBA and enter the information as follows:

Click “Forward” and wait while the system is looking for printer drivers. In the dialog box to appear check the radio button labeled Provide PPD File and select the PPD file you downloaded before reading this easy walk-through tutorial.

Confirm the settings and click “Forward”. Configure the Installable Options as shown in the following screenshot:

By clicking “Forward” one more time you'll find a dialog box where you can enter the printer's description:

Click “Apply” and the window you opened at the beginning of this tutorial should now contain a printer named FollowMe.

Right-click the printer, disable the option Shared and you're done.

Whenever you print files. a popup will come up, asking you for your username and password again. You have to enter BFH\<yourusername> and your bfh password.

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