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Using you home directory in Linux

This is about how to use your centrally stored home directory on a linux machine.

Gnome, Places -> Bookmark

This is a simple, straight forward solution to make your home directory accessible in you gnome desktop. In the gnome menu choose Places → Connect to Server…. Then fill out the dialog as follows (make sure to use your username!).

Click Connect and enter your password. Make sure to set the option to store your password permanently.

From now on, whenever you want to access you home directory, simply go to Places → Bookmarks and choose your home directory. A file browser opens showing the contents of your home directory.


You can access your home directory via SFTP like this:


where you have to replace hofen1 with your own BFH username.

At the first connection attempt, you'll be asked to confirm the hosts RSA key. The correct fingerprint is:


Use your bfh password to authenticate against the SFTP box.

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